Nigerian Afropop singer, songwriter, actress and activist popularly known as Yemi Alade has crooned that the brain is the most important tool in every aspect of human life hence it should be used in all cases.

The afropop singer shared a recent tweet earlier today that reads; “Try and use your brain to think through things …. it’s very important”.

Prior to this statement, the artiste has been voicing on several happenings that call to say that, many individuals nowadays fail to process what their minds and heart tell them.

However, Yemi Alade has explained that it is one of the most common things that happens to everyone living on this planet, but failure to reorganize yourself as soon as you realize you are going off is where the problem she is trying to address is.

According to the Nigerian musician, most people make plans today without taking their strengths and weaknesses into consideration and later, they realize everything have been a total mess.

Sometimes people act before they think. Others do not know what they want as well. This is a risky habit that makes a lot of younger ones grow into adults with nothing and regrets in the future, she said.

The brain is a powerful tool that needs to be used every time and everyday of our lives. Use your brain to think through every little thing in your life. Failure to use it means you want to regret, she concluded.


By Africa Billboard

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