Popular Kenyan singer and songwriter Willy Paul is near to releasing the official date for his latest album release.

The Kenyan artiste informed that he and his team are planning to fix the official date for the album release between 6th to 30th October.

As a result, Willy Paul has promised that as soon as they finalize on the exact date on which the album will be released, it will be communicated formally to the general public.

However, he has stated emphatically that this album is bombarded with full list of great songs hence, nothing but greatness should be expected.

Morning, let me give you a hint.. the Album will be released btw 6th to 30th of October.. Guess the right date. Or tell us what date you think is best to drop the highly anticipated album… ( must be between 6th to 30 October ) I’m promising you greatness on this one…”, Willy Paul wrote.


By Africa Billboard

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