Another episode from the Ghanaian professional teacher and activist Selase reveals that telling your love partner your secrets is a dangerous step to take.

Selase reveals that telling your partner about things which are meant to be secret or private can course harm to you at some point.

She included that things that are supposed to be known to only your family or yourself must always remain at that boundary because one day if you and your partner are no longer together, he or she is likely to use that against you. Even in the course of dating, he or she can use that against you.

Also, she added that telling too much about yourself especially what you are, what you have and what you can offer them could result in a drastic situation.

According to Selase, sometimes the love people have for you can convert to the love for what you can offer them. She explained that people sometimes offer you love because of what they can benefit from you.

But if you do not let them know what you are, what you do, what you have and what you can offer them and still they love you strongly, that is true love.

Selase concluded that, humans are naturally not trustworthy so until you are married to him or her, never reveal private issues to him/her. Though you can tell him or her some few things for him or her to know you better, beware of the kind of things you say.

Article by Selase (Ghanaian female teacher and activist)


By Africa Billboard

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