Nigerian singer and actress, Simi also joining hands in the fight against bad governance and economy, unsafe lives and brutality “EndSARS” in Nigeria, she vexedly tweeted early morning of today at 7:42 AM 20th October,2020 to stress how she hates it when ignorant people think and believe that only the western world can save Africa. She further stated that “when you think about Nigeria, you get mad”. 

But what interested Africa Billboard was when Simi related the story to Tarzan. Simi was very smart and intelligent this way. She tweeted;

When you think about Nigeria, you get mad. So much potential for growth. I hate it when ignorant people think of Africa and believe we’re all malnourished children that need saving from the West or that we’re all like Tarzan. But the ball is in our court. Always has been.

Now, look at the story of Tarzan and relate it Nigeria and Africa as a whole today;

‘Tarzan of the Apes,’ An Adventure Novel With a Complicated Legacy (Summery)

In the late 1800s, John and Alice Clayton, the Earl and Count find themselves marooned on the western coast of Africa. They build a shelter in the jungle and Alice gives birth to a son. The child is named John, after his father. When the young John Clayton is just a year old, his mother dies. Shortly afterward, his father is killed by an ape named Kerchak.

Young John Clayton is adopted by a female ape named Kala, who names him Tarzan. Tarzan grows up with the apes, fully aware that he is different from his ape family but unaware of his human heritage. He eventually discovers the shelter that his biological parents built, as well as a few of their possessions. He uses their books to teach himself how to read and write English. However, he has never had another human to talk to, so he is unable to speak the “language of men.”

Growing up in the jungle helps Tarzan become a fierce hunter and warrior. When the savage ape Kerchak attacks and tries to kill him, Tarzan wins the fight and takes Kerchak’s place as the king of the apes. When Tarzan is just over 20 years old, he discovers a party of treasure hunters marooned on the coast. Tarzan protects them and saves a young American woman named Jane.

Jane and Tarzan fall in love, and when Jane leaves Africa, Tarzan eventually decides to track her down by traveling to the U.S. During the journey, Tarzan learns how to speak French and English, and tries to develop “civilized” manners. He also meets Paul D’Arnot, a French naval officer who discovers that Tarzan is the rightful heir to an esteemed English estate.

When Tarzan arrives in the U.S., he saves Jane from danger once again, but soon discovers she is engaged to man named William Clayton. Ironically, William Clayton is Tarzan’s cousin, and is set to inherit the estate and title that rightfully belong to Tarzan.

Tarzan knows that if he takes the inheritance from his cousin, he will also be taking away Jane’s security. Thus, for the sake of Jane’s well-being, he decides not to reveal his true identity as the Earl of Greystoke.

So this is how the story is, as Simi related to that of Tarzan

Fans of the Simi shared their thoughts;

As Nigeria is crying for safety and good economy, in reply to Simi’s tweet, a twitter user with username @Alammuade1 posted a video of an interviewee who claims they are very okay with the current government and its economy hence they are enjoying the economy and money so those that are complaining of bad economy and governance have their own problems and i bet you, in the video he received a good slap from someone behind him who was listening which landed him on the floor. Watch below.

A mother and son cry bitterly as they are stuck inside.  The saddest reply to Simi’s post. You need to listen to this

But despite all the grieves, a user with account name gave assurance that everything will come to an end one day.

Our dear Nigeria is has suffered a lot for decades, causing huge population of emigrants from Nigerian across the world due to interconnected relationship between few people who rule. The fear for life is what Nigeria  now is crying for. Africa lets stand to help our sister land.

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