• Wed. Dec 8th, 2021

Wendy Shay: Musicians Are Not Supposed To Be Poor But In This Country Only God


Ghanaian musician Wendy Shay has made an elocution on the “before and after” of Ghanaian musicians.

Literarily, the Ruftown Records signee shared that looking at the nature of their job, musicians are not supposed to be poor but its unfortunate many Ghanaian musicians live and die poor.

She detailed that aside the royalties they earn from their craftsmanship, they are supposed to be enjoying other benefits out of their publicity yet, they have been deprived.

Wendy further explained that public figures, musicians precisely have been the best people companies use as their brand ambassadors for their product however, some musicians have never had that opportunity and it has affected them financially.

Subsequently she disclosed that in Ghana, it takes the intervention of God to become a rich musicians during and after career.

“Musicians are not supposed to be poor. But in this country if God does not step in you’ll die poor. Now we can’t even get Alcohol and Betting companies to sponsor our shows. 2024 my vote will be for any” ~ Wendy Shay.

From the statement of the Wendy Shay, she is believed to put the blame on the government for not paying attention to their part of career.

Wendy Shay has therefore stated emphatically that, her vote is no more going for a favourite candidate nor well campaigned candidate but rather, anyone she feels like voting for and that starts in 2024.

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