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Wanted: 50Kg Of Gold Black Sand Stolen In A Mining Company In Prestea

ByAfrica Billboard

Jul 25, 2021

A processing gold black sand of about 50 kilograms of gold and above has been stolen in a mining company in Prestea, Ghana.

On 11th of July 2021, the management of the company noticed that a particular quantity of gold black sand containing about 50 kilograms of gold has been taken by unidentified individuals.

For the mean time everyone in the company has been held suspect. Investigations have started on workers through their mobile phone.

The company has further seek a court order to investigate calls that was made by all the workers especially the securities in the company prior to that week.

Meanwhile, the individuals were not able to make away with the main chemicals needed to remove the gold from the sand.

Anyone who can help with any useful information should not hesitate to contact the nearest police. A sum of Five hundred thousands Ghana cedis (GH500,000) which is equivalent to 5billion old Ghana cedis  and USD 83,966.65 will be given to anyone who can help with the right information.

Anyone with any useful information should contact the nearest police station for immediate action.

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