• Thu. May 26th, 2022

Unspoken rules people learned too late in life


Many people in life have learned some unspoken rules at moments where things seem too late. Below are few of these unspoken rules;

1. Everyone is selfish

As life progress from stages, times come where people believe they are selfless. But the real truth is everyone is selfish in life.

2. This world is not much for jokes

This world has progressed to an age where there are no times for jokes. A lot of people are always making researches and inventions, learning, planning and working hard to achieve their dreams.

People always realize they have wasted their period on earth in their old age where everything seem too late.

3. Love everyone

I don’t know but I figured out you can defeat your enemy by good ethics and love.

4. Love turns your enemy into slave

You just have to be more kind or close to him/her. You will understand this later. Try it.

5. This world is so big for narrow mind and enough for open minded

While open minded people have believe and understand their environment and the world that surround them, people who have narrow mind always find it difficult to believe everything is possible and sometimes easy.

6. You have to share your stress with someone

Believe me, you won’t be depressed anymore if you share that hidden bitter story. People always think sharing your problems is risky and will get the situations worse, however, researchers have proved that the more you share your problems, the more your stress decreases.

People who always feel shy to share their problems, or always believe that they are the master of their minds and emotions hence, not telling people about their problems always suffer emotionally and sometimes attempt suicide.

7. Polite with everyone

Some people have been selective when it comes to whom to approach with respect and politeness. Most people only tend to be polite towards people they believe have worth, but they tend to regret later. You can’t judge a book by its cover so mind how you treat others.

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