Popular Ghanaian hiplife musician Castro was a powerful male vocalist who provided Ghanaians with good music till on 6th July 2014 everything ended as a tragedy across the nation.

How Late Castro Undafyre Was Discovered By Jeff Quaye  (Jay-Q)??????????????

And he (Jay-Q) writes….
“I have turned down every interview about him. A lot of people have made false stories about his discovery and how he entered the music industry”.

“This is a true Story of the discovery of Castro, his entry to the Ghana Music Industry and his success story By Jeff Quaye (JAY Q/JQ)“.

“In the year 1999 – 2001, I was one of the engineers in Virtual studio a midst Waltermoon, Philip, Emmanuel and Martin. I went there after the closer of CHM where me and Zola worked due to renovations and maintenance”.

“Virtual studio was eventually changed to Universal studio after I took over as manager. It was an arrangement I had with the CEO Nana Poku. During this period, my assistant was Emmanuel Nana Agyeman (AKA AGYINGO) who knew CASTRO from Takoradi”.

“So Castro comes to the studio everyday and sits close to where I park my car but I had no idea who he was, though I notice him anytime I park my car”.

“I worked with an Artist from Italy (A Ghanaian) called RAY KING who expressed interest in wanting to feature Nkasei (due to their hit song that I produced at the time that was enjoying massive airplay “MONKEY CHOP BANANA.”

Nkasei came to the studio and soon as they started bargaining the amount they would charge to feature, I left them for launch to the care of my assistant Agyingo”.

“Upon returning from launch, the session had closed but my assistant was waiting for me, I then asked if nkasei did the song and he asked me to listen”.

“Upon listening, I heard a voice I had never heard before so I inquired who it was from my assistant (since I knew it wasn’t nkasei), then he told me his name is Castro, the guy who sits by my car”.

“So I sent for him. He came and I asked him to do the same thing he did on the song to know if its really him, and he did exactly”.

“Knowing he’s got talent, I asked where he was staying, and he said he lives with some friends in Mallam and that he walks to my studio (situated on the graphic road opposite MTN) everyday. Same day I met him and spoke with him, I took him home to go stay with me at North Kaneshi, Bubiashie (ACCRA)”.

“Castro at the time of his discovery, was a RAP artist, but in one of the two songs he featured, he did a little intro which was singing , before the rap, so I knew he could sing”.

“I then migrated from virtual/universal studio studio to hush-hush where I featured him on 4×4’s debut album that I produced/engineered as well as financed the production- cost. On the siklitele track that he featured, he did rap”.

“During this same era, work on the JAY Q platinum compilation was going on. I then decided to do a remix of sradinam by George Jahraa”.

“After laying the instrumentation, I asked Castro to go into the vocal booth to do the vocals as I directed him, which he did, as a Guide track for George Jahraa to come and sing later”.

“After it was done, I invited George Jahraa to Accra from Suhum(where he stayed at the time), to come listen and re-do the sradinam remix vocals. Upon getting to hush hush studio, I played the song for him to listen after which he advised me to keep Castro’s voice and that though he did the original song, he thinks Castro got talent, so I kept it”.

“Though sradinam was initially meant for my compilation, I released it to Frimprince to be added to king David’s “Aaye fe notse album” but was stated that sradinam was performed by Castro and not King Dave. Frimprince later went to Europe to replicate the Aaye fe notse CD, after which promotion there in europe out doored sradinam and it was accepted there”.

“Frimprince then called me from Europe and asked me to put an album together for Castro and that the sradinam is a big hit in Europe, which I did… So at this time, I had to nature Castro into putting more effort in his singing ability.. I then told him that we need to add something to the name Castro, so in Hush hush studio when producing his debut album, me and the guy who managed my Q-Lex Entertainment Label, Charles Asare AKA Chakua gave him the name CASTRO DESTROYER”.

“First time Castro heard sradinam been played was in Glenns Night club (Adabraka) , upon hearing the song, he stopped dancing for a minute and tears filled his eyes. He realised his dreams were coming true”.

“Sradinam album was made ready for frimprince music as he requested and it was released and became a big hit for Castro. After sradinam, he made some money and moved out form my house in north kaneshie and rented his own apartment”.

“I remember the first cell phone I got him, nokia 8210, the wine color, he was so happy and showed his gratitude. After sradinam, we did the Toffee Album also for frimprince”.

“Before moving unto to the Late Apor’s label PRINCE DAVE RECORDS where we did Com center in Rich City Studio (Dansoman ASORE DANHO), I formed CASHFACE (castro, shilo and screw face) and we recorded 024419 album in PSI studio (Asalym Down) with Sammy AKA Madness Also for Frimprince Music”.

“It was after this that he formed his own Wonge Entertainment.
This is the true Story of the Discovery of Castro and his entry to the Ghana music industry.
Below is my first pic with him at the time of his discovery in hush hush and our last pic together at Ronnie’s 1week funeral celebration at king Solomon -Dansoman”

First time Castro was discovered at Graphic-Road by Jay-Q (the producer who helped him) and the last picture they took at Dansoman before his disappearance

Castro’s Disappearance

On 6 July 2014, Castro and Miss Janet Bandu were reported to have drowned following a jet ski accident in Ada Estuary while on holiday with the Gyan brothers.

The jet ski involved in the accident was recovered on the same day of their disappearance but their bodies had not been recovered, despite a search by the police. Little is known of his disappearance.

Recounting events surrounding Castro’s disappearance, Gyan said: “That was the first time they went to Aqua Safari and that in the previous years, they went to Akosombo.

That particular year, the yacht at Akosombo was broken down so they decided to go to Ada. Before going to Ada, they called to find out if they could get a bigger yacht because, their friends always organised to bring their lady friends so as to make the party fun, so they were told they could get two yachts at Ada.

Castro called me a week before I returned to Ghana and said he may not be able to go with us since a friend of his was bereaved, and he had to attend the funeral in Kumasi.

A day before we went to Ada, he [Castro] came to my house and said he was on his way to Kumasi and would not join us. But whilst we were on our way to Ada, on the Accra-Tema motorway, we received a phone call that “Under” [Castro] wants us to wait for him.

We parked at a fuel filling station where a crowd gathered to catch a glimpse of me. I later got the inclination it was destined to happen because he was initially not part of the trip. When we got to Ada, everything went fine. We were to spend three days. We started using the Jet Ski on the second day.“…

Listen to this gospel song Castro was featured exactly one month before his disappearance.

AFOREBO- Da Prince(Pastor Leo) ft. Castro Underfire
AFOREBO- Da Prince(Pastor Leo) ft. Castro Underfire

Good memories from Castro Underfire


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