• Wed. May 25th, 2022

Timaya: Even your own homeboy can use you for ritual


Nigerian musician popularly known in showbiz as Timaya has cautioned everyone to be very careful in the world. Anyone can use you for money ritual.

According to the award winning Nigerian musical artiste, it has come to a spate where even 17 year old boys do money rituals using human parts.

Consequently, Timaya denoted that he is very surprise how young aged individuals could be in such high quest for quick money and even think of this evil way of making money.

He further cautioned that no one is safe because “even your own homeboy can use you for money ritual if the need comes”

“17 years old boys doing money ritual??  Innocent humans killed for money, even your own homeboy can use you. Watchout guys, it’s really Cold Outside”, ~ Timaya denoted cautionary.

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