A Zimbabwean young man has finally made known to the public how he found and trusted the lady he got married to. This is crazy and funny but helpful!

This young man known as Takudzwa suspected that her long time girlfriend Tinashe was developing a change in attitude which was likely to be charting, so Takudzwa was driving crazy.

Though these lovers planned to get married in the future and live together as husband and wife, the dream was heading to the trash as things started happening the other way.

Now that Takudzwa was not happy in the relationship, he decided to give his girlfriend a space so that he can also recover from his baffling mind.

Takudzwa hence ignored his girlfriend totally and was not communicating and inviting her over to his place again.

Tinashe however tried her best to explain to her man that she has never cheated or had an affair with any other man since they started dating yet, Takudzwa went death ears and insisted on his plan to ignore Tinashe.

Takudzwa succeeded in ignoring his girlfriend and it was close to 1 year, they never had a communication.

About nine months after Takudzwa has ignored Tinashe, he went to Tinashe’s home with their close friend to apologize but Tinashe played hard and asked them to leave.

However, the intervention of their friend saved Takudzwa. Tinashe later accepted the apology and they came back together stronger than before.

The very day the two partners reconciled, they went out for a lunch and from there it was straight to Takudzwa’s house.

They had good sex and loved the experience.

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However, Takudzwa still felt guilty and asked Tinashe to forgive him once again and that he has now seen that she has been faithful.

There were two things I observed when we were making love, Takudzwa elaborated.

1. Anytime you knew we would have sex, you shaved your private parts, I mean the down there specifically but today it was very bushy.

2. And anytime we had sex after a long break, I realized you got so wet and indeed you got very wet today.

These were what convinced me it has been long you met with a man in bed. I’m very sorry for what I caused you. Kindly find a place in your heart to forgive me, Takudzwa apologized.

Tinashe forgave Takudzwa and two and a half months later they got married happily and lived together.

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