• Wed. Dec 8th, 2021

They Hate On You To Get You To Be Like Them, Cwesi Oteng


Ghanaian gospel musician better known as Cwesi Oteng has denoted on a count how people simply  hate because you are ahead of them.

According to the award winning Ghanaian gospel musician, the environment is no longer safe as one’s success and progress turns him/her into an enemy.

Sometimes people want you to deviate from the real you to suit them. This is an act that can literally ruin you, your personality and all you have laboured for. “Never entertain this“, he said.

Consequently, when are down or not progressing, you have the love and comfort from people; they even encourage you to keep pushing harder, but as soon as success comes to you, they start to hate you.

“I pray that this should not be your portion. If people will hate you because you have worked hard to become successful or refused to please them wrongly, then their bad plans will not see you”, Cwesi Oteng prayed.

Believe you have the love of God and that alone will fight every battle for you. “Never let go you, its all you have”, he concluded.

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