• Wed. Dec 8th, 2021

Stonebwoy: Music And Arts Are Not Sports


Ghanaian afro-dancehall musician Stonebwoy says in his own point of view that music and arts are not like sports hence, they can not be bet on.

“Music and arts is not a sport, you cannot bet on it. Therefore it doesn’t require competition to determine a the winner” ~ Stonebwoy.

The BET award winner shared that the music and arts requires a strong team work to make their running stand however, some individuals have made the music and arts their personal affairs.

After this has been said, the artiste added that the instability of the music and arts in some parts of Africa is as result of people making choices and predictions out of artistes which compel artistes to compete themselves.

This practice in the music and arts has weaken their strengths and until we discard the act of completion, it will always be difficult to approach change and progress.

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