• Wed. May 25th, 2022

Shatta Wale talks about fame in Ghana and money that comes along


Award winning dancehall musician better known as Shatta Wale has laughed over what being famous in Ghana actually entails.

The African dancehall king denoted that it has always been nice being a celebrity or famous personality in Ghana.

However, the sad and funny aspect of the publicity is that it does not actually come with big money as a layman will think.

According to Shatta Wale, being famous in Ghana is only a brand, the money aspect is very small.

Companies and organizations do not take advantage of famous Ghanaians to promote their business which also serves as a means to earn us money.

However, the chances are hardly hard to grab.

In some countries, people can just pay any amount just to see artistes perform, not because he or she likes the artistes but rather, to support the great works they are doing.

Sometimes I understand it is the nature of the part of the world we are. Most of us in developing countries are financially unstable due to lack of jobs and unmotivating salaries.

But that should not stop us from showcasing what isĀ  in us. At least this is what we have also decided to do to contribute to nation’s developing, that is, to entertain to give people sound minds to carry out their daily routines for best outputs.

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