Shatta Wale has shown up again and this time he is out mocking his own friend Zion Felix.

Not quite long ago, a jaw breaking news broke, reporting that popular Ghanaian blogger better known as Zion Felix has allegedly impregnated two women along the line of duty.

In brief, a lady named Erica came down from the United States of America to Ghana, with the mission of promoting her new gospel song. As a result of that she picked Zion Felix as her best choice to get the job done.

“Unfortunately, the two ended up enjoying the forbidden fruits and there were germination seeds through seed dispersal”.

However, Zion Felix is also in a serious relationship with another lady named Mina.

Now this issue has become tough as the families of the two women are requesting that the blogger marries their daughters.

After that has happened, Shatta Wale has come out to explain that bloggers have always been fast at spreading news about other public figures and this time it has hit them.

He added that if it has been him that impregnated two women at the same time, he believes by now his career would have been berried within with a short period of time as bloggers will have the time to spice the news and make viral within milliseconds.


By Africa Billboard

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