Shatta Wale Ishuru
Shatta Wale Ishuru:

Ghanaian dancehall act Shatta Wale has also released it. It is titled “Ishuru” meaning keep quite. Ishuru is the Hausa translation for keep quite in English.

But why keep quite? Who should keep quite? Is it the listener of the song or the message is literally directed to someone?

Well, few days ago there was a feud between three strong anticipating Ghanaian dancehall acts, namely; Samini, Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale whom Samini allegedly blamed Stonebwoy for going on a dancehall musical performance clash with without informing him Samini as his godfather. Samini has mentored Stonebwoy over the years and according to code of conduct, he expected Stonebwoy to inform him for an advice and a go-ahead which he failed to do. Shatta Wale came out on air to state that it has come to time Samini let go stonebwoy because he is fully grown now and should be given the space to run his own career.

Shatta Wale Ishuru
From left to right: Samini, Bola Ray and Shata Wale

Samini also expressed his disappointment in the two artists because Shatta Wale turned down on his dancehall performance clash request and accepted that of his godson Stonebwoy.

Sooner and later, Samini released a song titled forever, lyrically mentioning that some people want him dead and gone but they can’t take him out of the race because God made me king forever.

That is; “The African Dancehall God”

“Still I beat them despite all the claims” – Samini said in the song

Emphatically, he also added that “I really beat them in the game and they can’t take me out”

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Without proves we all believed the dancehall artist over the decades was referring to Shatta Wale.

In another line of the song’s lyrics, Samini mentioned that

“According to the rule, no one should disappoint. “

“So who did?”

“Is it you?”

“Is it me?”

“They want me dead and gone”

“But they can’t take me out of the race”

“God made me king forever”

“King forever”

“So who are the people who want to stop me?”

“Who is the general boss?”

A backing in the song responded:Samini

“It is me they check out (love)”

Four (5) days ago, Shatta Wale also released a song titled Ishuru, meaning Keep quite.

Literally and lyrically, Shatta Wale started the song by quoting;

“A child that knows how to wash hands eats with the elders.”

Meaning Stonebwoy knows how to play his cards in the game that was why he accepted his dancehall clash request. (Our Exaggeration)

Shatta further said;

“Tell them to restart.

“He is now under pressure”

But the question is; who should restart? And who is under pressure? Was he referring to Samini?

Lyrics continues…

“They said we are rushing and showing off”

“They say we should watch them and get mentored”

“They claim they have all the qualities, carrying them on their head selling

“But yet things are still not going well”

“If you won’t let your neighbours succeed, you won’t succeed either”

“Keep quit”

“I guess i told you that if you cross my way you will be quite”

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Listen to Shatta Wale Ishuru below:

This is how far the game has brought us. It is all about dancehall and that’s what the game is about. Healthy attacks and comments. This is what keeps the game interesting.

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