Samini Forever
Video of a new song titled Samini Forever is trending

Samini forever video was released just a week ago on 2nd Oct, 2020 and comments coming from the public domain indicate that Samini Forever is an indirect message to Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy for tagging him as a time-passed old dancehall game player that is claiming to surpass them in the game.

We all know Samini and Shatta Wale have been in the dancehall game over decades and we all know how well they flow when it comes to dancehall vibes.

In a video earlier in August 2020, Samini came out hitting hard on Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale for not informing him they had come together to have a battle clash, blaming Stonebwoy the more because he is his son and that he has been disloyal.

Stonebwoy however, came out to reply Samini not long after he made his statements saying he has been giving Samini credit even when he doesn’t even need to and also said he is confused about Samini talking about disloyalty because he has defended him in places which even got him in trouble.

Shatta Wale also came in after to back Stonebwoy’s comment with his own reply commenting that he doesn’t know why Samini spoke like that because he and Stonebwoy are both adults and decided on their own to come together, saying

“Stonebwoy is no more a kid, maybe he was when he was with Samini but now he is grown and doing well for himself which he should be even happy about.”

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According to an interview with Shatta Wale on Accra-based Onua FM, Shatta debagged Samini’s statement as childish and irrelevant because Stonebwoy is now a big boy and hence, capable of managing his own affairs.

Speaking on the Accra-based FM, the Beyoncé featured artist Shatta Wale said that Samini should rather support Stonebwoy instead of the other way.

Reason Why Samini Tagged Stonebwoy As Disloyal:

Samini being the godfather to Stonebwoy, he was particularly unhappy about the fact that Stonebwoy agreed on a ‘sound clash’ with Shatta Wale without seeking his prior advise and go-ahead or even linking him to the gig.

This emerged a few days after Samini requested from Shatta Wale a musical battle to iron out their long-standing differences but Shatta ignored him and chose his protégé “Stonebwoy“.

Reacting to this, the Shatta Wale explained that he was amazed when he received a request that Samini wanted to battle him because, same Samini in his heydays told him Shatta Wale that he wasn’t fit to be on the same stage with him and truly he never gave him the opportunity to have a face-to-face performance with him so why now?

Listen below

Shatta Wale rejected Samini’s stage battle and went in for his godson Stonebwoy.

Was this a revenge from Shatta to Samini because Samini refused same request from him in the past?

In a short run, a song was released titled Samini Forever with good a dancehall structure.

The lyrics explains:

“They want me dead and gone

But they cant take me out of the race

God made me king forever

So who are the people who want to stop me?

Who am i?

Response: The African Dancehall God

Still I beat them despite all the claims

I really beat them in the game and they cant take me out

Though i’m a young old man, sexy girls check me out

According to the rule, no one should disappoint.

So who did?

Is it you?

Is it me?

They want me dead and gone

But they can’t take me out of the race.

God made me king forever

King forever

So who are the people who want to stop me?

Who is the general boss?

Response: Samini

It is me they check out (love)

Thats a summery of Samini Forever .

Fans from the three sides (Samini, Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy) are connecting the song to Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy

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Watch Samini Forever full music lyrics video below:

Watch Official Samini Forever Full Official Music Video:

What do think about the Samini Forever song?

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