• Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

Sad moment as Iwan Suhyini recounts how he was Sabotaged when Movado came to Ghana


Ghanaian dancehall papa Iwan Suhyini previously known as Iwan has given a recount of how his manager and colleague sabotaged him when Movado came to Ghana in 2014.

The award winning Ghanaian reggae/dancehall artiste and C.E.O of Gideon Force International recalled that his manager and own colleague as at that moment collaborated to destroy his opportunities.

According to Iwan, a night in 2014 was when he really realized he has been working with a greedy manager and dirty-hearted  colleague.

From the angle of Iwan, africabillboard.com has collected information which reveals that he was sabotaged to open chances for the other artiste which the whole music industry supported, leaving him helpless.

Literally, Iwan Suhyini believes had it not been that black day in 2014, he would have been the eye of the billboards across the world.

“Movado in Ghana. That was the Night. 2014 inside Accra Sports Stadium. The real Dancehall Fans knew exactly what happened this very day. The Day my Greedy Manager and Dirty Hearted Colleague sabotaged me. The day the whole industry stood against me. Eyes of a Real Undefeated King. My Legacy still lives on”, Iwan Suhyini revealed.

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