• Thu. May 26th, 2022

Rita Dominic: Peace of mind is underrated


Sensational Nigerian actress popularly known as Rita Dominic, speaks about peace of mind.

Information reaching us shows that the popular Nigerian actress who is now a musician is gradually becoming a worldwide asset due to her dynamic switches in the creative arts industry.

Rita Dominic for sometime now has been speaking about things that concern the well being of every individual.

Consequently, she speaks about peace of mind today and here comes what she  said;

“Peace of mind is underrated”.

According to Rita Dominic, many people do not take into account how they underrate their own peace of mind. She explained that people sometimes do things that do not favour their own peace. This is as a result of not analyzing things we do.

We as individuals are quick to act rather than slow to analyze before we act. This often affect our peace of mind because as soon as we realize that we should have done things the other way instead, the mind gets affected.

Underrating your peace of mind is malicious to your health and productivity so I will advice we we treat ourselves well.

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