• Wed. Dec 8th, 2021

Rita Dominic: If You Want Reward From People You Help Then You Will Never Do Good


Prolific Nigerian actress and musician better known as Rita Dominic  has reinforced that everyone should keep doing good to those in need.

According to the superstar, most people have stopped helping others because they practiced the act and never received same treatment from the individuals they helped.

However, Rita has shared that most at times, the good we do to others come back to us in many ways we even have no ideas it was as a result of the good we did to others that won us those blessings.

Rita Dominic further recounted that same way we do good to others, God bless us through others as well, hence we should never expect anything in return from people we help.

The actress cum singer expressed that our rewards do not come from people we help but rather from the most high therefore we should look onto the most high and continue to do good.

“Many times your reward doesn’t come from the people you helped. Look only on the most high and continue to do good” ~ Rita Dominic

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