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Reasons Why Women Moan During Sex


A survey proves that 87% moans are fake. Women talked. Experts claim that by emitting noises, we let our partners know that we’re having a good time.

Research and empiric data collected by sex expects proves that when we make sex noises “both because we want (our partner) to be happy, and because we want them to know we are doing something right to make them happy”.

And moaning can be a tool for guiding our partners in what we want more or less of.

“A major benefit of sexual noises is that – if genuine – they demonstrate that the partner is not indifferent; in this sense, any noise is better than complete silence,” writes in Psychology Today.

He says that making sex sounds is part of something called “arousal transfer”.

Moaning and screaming can be associated with pain or suffering, and that arousal is then translated into sexual pleasure.

Don’t feel embarrassed – moaning might actually make sex feel even better.

IF you tend to remain schtum (quite/silent) in bed, you might want to consider letting your inner animal loose.

Because moaning during sex does boosts the pleasure.

Don’t be afraid to let that noise out – it’ll make sex feel even better

Not all moans are equal.

But don’t fool yourself into thinking all moans are genuine.

A 2011 study by scientists at the Universities of Central Lancashire and Leeds looked at the sex habits of 71 women.

They found that 66 per cent of them moaned just to speed up their partner’s orgasm, while 87 per cent moaned to pretend they were reaching their own climax or enjoying it.

The study also showed that women moan whenever they’re getting bored, tired or uncomfortable during sex – just so the guy gets turned on and finishes sooner.


But faking it till you make it ultimately means that you spend longer trying to make it.

All it does is to teach someone to do what you don’t enjoy. This is bad and it affects the relationship.

So if you want better sex, you need to be more open about what genuinely does turn you on or what really makes you feel good – and when you’re in the zone, don’t be shy about being loud.

It may well result in an altogether more satisfactory moment.

Insight From Some Women and Men About Moaning During:

“Moaner or screamer? Well, neither . . . probably more of a moaner . . . I think I have a more guttural (throaty) grunt (murmur) when I orgasm . . . but fairly quiet until that point.” —A married woman

“I believe that screams are not genuine. I expect men to express their pleasure only in a few moans.” —A married woman

“When I have feelings inside of me, they need to get out—making noise is a great way to do that.” —A woman

“I am a restrained woman, and so was my ex-husband—thus, we had complete silence in bed. Now with my new partner, I moan in a low voice, while my partner moans very loudly. I am a bit embarrassed to moan loudly.” —A divorced woman

“If I’m screaming, it’s because my SO and I are having particularly rough and painful (in the good way) sex.” —A woman

“From beginning to end, I love the sexy voice exchange that whispers and purrs with heavy sighs of intensity and the sweet moaning of pleasure.” —A married woman

“For someone who watches porn on mute, I appreciate a little noise in my own bed so long as it is natural and not forced. I also appreciate feedback and moderate dirty talk.” —A woman

“I like my partner to be silent. How else can they fully focus on doing a good job? ;-)” —A woman

“My favorite noise that a woman makes in bed is a sudden declaration of “YES!!” As if her team just won a goal.” —A man

“I don’t really care much if they’re vocal or not. Even if they were vocal, I wouldn’t hear it, because I’m probably the most vocal person during sex.” —A woman

“I prefer my partner to be mostly quiet. Noise interrupts my headspace. I loathe (hate) talking, especially dirty talk. I need to focus in order to have an orgasm. The occasional moan or sigh is fine.” —A woman

“I’m weird out by people who don’t make any noise during sex. I need some indication that you like what we’re doing, c’mon.” —A woman

“I like a moderate amount of noise, also laughter is the best.” —A woman

“I don’t mind a little noise, but if it turns into full-blown screaming, I don’t think I would respond positively to that.” —A man

“I need noise, I need to hear moans, I need to know I’m doing the right things.” —A woman

“I’m not turned on by screaming, at all. It’s distracting and unnecessary. Noise itself is fine, but I would doubt that anyone has such a strong orgasm that they’re screaming.” —A man

“LOVE when my partner moans! I love a guy that makes noise in bed. Silence is strange.” —A woman

“Enough noise to get the mood just right. If he sounds like a buffalo, he gots to go.” —A woman

“Every little involuntary noise she makes when we have sex is solid gold. The more noise the better.” —A man

“Screams are totally awesome, assuming it’s natural. Otherwise, it’s just fake porn BS.” —A man

“It’s hot if I can tell it’s genuine, and not too loud.” —A man

“I love to vocalize my feelings in the language of love that builds incredible confidence in my lover, praising his touch and performance, while simultaneously heightening my own excitement. And for those out-of-this-world exhilarating emotions that are so intense, I may curse using descriptions only a sailor would use!!!” —A married woman

“Fake screaming is not fun. Real screaming, where you can hear their most basic, instinctual passion, can be hot.” —A man

“I feel like screaming does not sound genuine. That is why it is a turnoff.” —A man

“I’m not performing or thinking about the noises I make, it just happens.” —A woman

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