Most of the time, reasons why people may ignore and not download your songs is due to the poor production. Recording songs at cheap studios affects the sound quality which does not attract listeners. In our previous article, we talked about how to prepare well before producing and releasing a song.

In today’s article, we will like to brief on reasons why people still don’t want to download yours songs. Here are six (6) reasons why you have been working so hard on songs but people still don’t wanna value it:

1. You beg them to download. This degrades the quality of your brand and work because, it tells that people don’t really love what you do so you are forcing by all means to get downloads.

Avoid this. Its a big NO! NO! NO! Don’t beg for downloads and comments.

2. Your cover arts are not attractive, hence not professional. This is a very serious issue that causes people to ignore your songs. Still on the cover arts, some artistes also use same picture for a variety of works.

Some artistes can use one picture for all of their cover arts more than a year. This is not the best. Avoid that! One picture per art, if only you want to look professional and attract outsiders.

Research shows that a lot African countries have hard times in purchasing internet data or bundle. So when you send things that are not interesting, catchy or attractive, there is a possibility that they will ignore.

3. Your links are not from well recognized music websites. Avoiding paid websites and using free upload sites all the time tells people you are a typical broke guy living in a ghetto somewhere, producing nonsense.

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4. You only text your people only when you want to share your song. This may trigger anger in some people and even cause them to give you harsh responses. Others may also ask you for data to download (this is one way they tell you your song is rubbish hence, they can’t waste their data on such thing)

5. You do not respect your brand hence other other people will not respect it too. Someone will ask: “Why don’t I respect my own brand? Something that I am striving so hard for?”

Yes! People start to disrespect you and your brand when you start to curse or say silly things. Everyone loves and respects people who are decent and matured. So try to be one!

6. Last but not least, no one is talking about you and your music. You seem to be doing everything by yourself which makes people to see you not to be a serious artiste.

So here are the six (6) reasons why people do not respect your brand, making them to ignore your songs!

(SOLUTIONS) Things To Do To Make People Love To Download Your Song.

1. Do not beg people to download your song and comment after listening.

Avoid this. Its a big NO! NO! NO! Don’t beg for downloads and comments.

Just put your link on your status, news feed, or timeline with a cool and short message. Something like:

“Here’s my new track Young Jay – better days (Prod. By Master KG)

Doing it like this will send a message that you really trust you have people who will surely download your song at all cost, hence, other people who will not download should back off. When you do your things like this, people will respect and envy how you are really doing your thing.

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They will start falling for you and your songs will get the downloads. No one begs someone to give him/her a good thing. Anything that you beg people to accept shows people don’t want it. DON’T BEG!

2. Get a good graphic designer to design catchy, attractive and professional cover arts for you. Stop using mobile apps and other tiny software for unattractive artworks.

3. Get your songs on digital music stores and other popular local music sites. Popular digital music stores include; apple music, amazon music, spotify, etc. Also, try as much as possible to get your songs on music websites in your country that charge you an amount of money before they upload your songs.

4. Try to check up on people on your friends list or contact list from time to time. Talk about them, say something cute about them on your status. Once in a while you can post on your status, pictures of few people you think can help share your music. When you do this for them, they will feel good and will love to follow your activities and even share your contents.

5. Respect others, yourself and what you do. Avoid saying indecent things, posting unnecessary things and talking too much. Be polite. Let maturity show in you. STOP saying and posting nonsense. Take certain things that are unhealthy to your brand out. The only way people will respect you and what you do.

6. Get bloggers to talk about you and your new songs. The only way people will see some professionalism in you and your brand is when bloggers talk about you, watchers see that you are really going far and they will start tracking and following your activities.

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In our next article, we will be learning about how to share your songs. We wish you goodluck and always remember to come here on Africa Billboard for the great tips that will help you build your music career!

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