• Thu. May 26th, 2022

Reasons why Kutu Acheampong was overthrown


This article highlights what exactly led to the sad demise of  Gen. Ignatius Kutu Acheampong through the firing squad.

The army under Colonel Ignatus Kutu Acheampong overthrew Kofi Busia in January 13, 1972, while he was in Britain for Medical check-up in 13, 1972. He became Head of State and Chairman of the National Redemption Council (NRC), which was later transformed  into Supreme Military Council (SMC) in October 1975.

It was during Acheampong’s regime Ghana saw changes such as ‘Driving on the Left to the Right Hand traffic’  which was called  “Operation Keep Right “, ‘Operation Feed Yourself’, repudiation of Ghana’s foreign debts with “Yentua” slogan.

However , the General was fingered in acts of economic, administrative and other Misconduct against the State.

Some of these Economic, adminstrative and other Misconducts levelled against him were as follows;

1. Personally interferlring in the Economic and financial management of the State.

2. Interfering with the normal operations of the Bank of Ghana this causing the overprinting and over-issue  of the Cedi notes .

3. Indiscriminately , personally and arbitrary issue of import license to favorites and close associates and awarding contracts to incompetent Contractors .

4. He took dubious foreign loans to the detriment of the State .

5. Personally granting underserved concessions to favourites business houses as against the existing government Policies and regulations.

6. He manipulated and vested all Executive powers in his own hands for his own advantage.

7. He blatantly disregarded the principle of collective of responsibility in the SMC and NRC.

8. He reversed decisions in the name of SMC and NRC without prior consultation with any of his Colleagues.

9. He employed at the State’s expense the services of numerous unofficial personal Advisers and Aids questionable character and intentions who only to their good in government as against the State.

10. He brought the Armed forces to the blink of disintegration .

11. He showered generous honors on Officials and Men known to be closely associated with him to the disadvantage and annoyance of other Officers

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