• Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

Reason why Mother and Son stabbed Daughter (Truth Unveils)


Victoria, an alleged beautiful girl living in Awoshie, a suburb of Greater Accra region, Ghana was reported stabbed by her mother and brother over a firing misunderstanding.

The mother of Victoria whom is believed to be in her late 30s has two children (a male and female) for two different men.

However, the woman is not married to any of the fathers of her two children. As a result, she has lived as a single parent for quite a long time.

When she was interviewed, she disclosed that it got to a time when life became very difficult so she talked to her sister at Awoshie so that she could adopt her daughter (Victoria) and help cater for her, so she agreed.

Victoria later moved to her Aunty at Awoshie and started working with her.¬† Victoria and her aunty became very bonded that everyone thought she was her Aunty’s biological daughter.

Along the line, Victoria decided to pay a visit to her mother. On reaching, she caught her mother and brother having an affair.

Subsequently, Victoria lose control out of shock and slapped her mother severally.

Victoria’s mother got nervous. With fear that people would get to know about her abominable act, she stabbed her daughter in the stomach which brought her internal organs out.

Luckily, help reached Victoria and she was rushed to the hospital. Due to the nature of her condition, she was immediately attended to on reaching.

Further information which her mother gave to cover her act was that despite the strives she has gone through for her daughter, she does not respect her.

“Victoria is engaged in unhealthy friendships and prostitutions and whenever I try to advice her, she gets angry, insults me and sometimes assault me physically. It was as a result of this that¬† made me to react in the manner of stabbing her out of pain and anger”; Victoria’s mother disclosed.

On the other side of the story, Victoria has already informed that she caught her mother and brother having an affair and as a result of the fear of letting the cat out of the basket, they tried to murder her.

At this moment, Victoria is still in critical condition and receiving treatment while her mother and brother remain in police custody.

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