• Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

Popcaan: They Always Want Things To Be Done Right Now But Don’t Want To Pay Right Now


Jamaican deejay, singer and songwriter Andre Hugh Sutherland, known professionally as Popcaan has made emphasis that after some corporate companies have signed deals with you, they want things to be done right now but when it comes to payment, they don’t want to pay right now.

The popular dancehall musician revealed that while some corporate companies do their best to respect agreements between the two parties, others turn to behave like they did not need you in the first place after you have offered them your services.

Popcaan further elaborated that it is a bad practice and hence such corporate companies need to do better since we are all helping each other.

Corporate companies always want things to be done right now, but don’t want to pay right now, then act like they didn’t need you in the first place. Do better!!!!!Popcaan said.

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