• Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

People In Trouble As Moonchild Sanelly Denotes That She Is Minding Her Own Business


Moonchild Sanelly is a South African musician and dancer who is known for her signature blue-colored hair and her self-created music genre called “Future ghetto punk“.

Moonchild apparently aired few minutes ago that she has no business with whatever that has nothing to do with her business.

According to Moonchild Sanelly, at this moment what she is really thinking of is to increase her pounds and dollars so no disruptions.

She lamented that humans are not even grateful, so she sees no reason to sacrifice her happiness and success for people who will one day turn back on her.

Subsequently, Moonchild Sanelly has stated that she has now decided to carve her own lane so that passage can suit her comfort without any discomfort. “Winning always and that will always be the goal. Moving in my own pace and any other persons should rest”, she stated.

The South African artiste concluded that she has been good to many and she will always be but from now onwards, she will only be available only when there is a request.

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