Ugandan recording artiste Pius Mayanja known by his stage name Pallaso has stressed that we should stop being so selfish.

This kind of selfishness the Ugandan artiste cum producer was talking about is directed to the Ugandan politicians who have placed public gathering restrictions on the citizens but they the politicians have the freedom to go on campaigns and political rallies.

Pallaso emphasized that the actions of the politicians will affect the country because, it will spread the coronavirus to all ages faster than the bars and concert performances the musicians do which they have restricted them.

The musician further stated that, if the politicians can go on rallies and campaigns, then the musicians can also organise concerts and perform at various venues too. “Please set us free it’s about all of us” – He added

Below was the tweet the Ugandan producer tweeted;

A social media users with username @AmazimaS responded, consoled the artiste that he will be fine!

Artistes and bars can not operate, but politicians can do campaigns and rallies. Are the politicians really risking their lives for the betterment of their people or they are indeed selfish? Share your thoughts!!!

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