• Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

Opanka: Those Who Go To Work Right After Church Have A Special Place In Heaven


Commander of the Opanka Army known professionally as Opanka has shown to the world that despite his busy schedules and activities, he does not disobey what the scripture says about the Sabbath day.

Opanka who is a Ghanaian rapper and singer explained that the Sabbath day should be strictly observed because most of the time we wake up and even forget to pray and put the day in the care of the creator.

The only moment we can have full commitment to our maker is on the Sabbath day, it is a big blessing to observe it rightfully, he added.

The musician emphasized that, being in the church room and having business in mind does not make an active demotion.

How does it feel when you are in a conversion with your child or worker and you realize his/her attention is elsewhere?

“Those who after church go straight to work on Sundays have a special place in heaven, that thing no go bi easy Grimacing face”, Opanka denoted.

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