Shane Eagle dick picture
Shane Eagle D!ck Picture Post

South African Rapper Shane Eagle had many tongues wagging and others feeling hot under their collars when he posted a revealing picture of himself.

The star, who is set to release a visual album this week, “Xenergy: The Final Saga”, took to Twitter to post an image of himself grabbing his genitals.

In the black and white picture and wearing only basketball shorts, Shane is seen standing in front of a mirror, grabbing his private parts to outline its shape.

He used #Xenergy as a caption and added “mamba mentality” as text to the image.

While some tweeps suggested he start an OnlyFans account, others seemed to find the picture unnecessary.

Many tweeps also mentioned AKA’s name in Shane’s mentions.

This follows the 2018 twar between the two.

The duo ended up in a twar when AKA lamented about his struggles as an independent artist following “Touch My Blood” getting a gold certification.

Eagle then quote tweeted him: “FOH n*gga beeeeen signed”.

AKA didn’t take kindly to his comments and responded with: “N*gga I created you”.

The “Jika” rapper followed this up with, “The worst part is, I actually like you and what you’re doing. Today you talk to me like this? Like I’m one of your f**king laatie friends?”

Supa Mega ended his rant by saying that Eagle was most likely still mad at him for not jumping on his album after the “Need Me” rapper played it for him at his home.

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AKA subsequently blocked Eagle on Twitter.

However, the “All Eyes On Me” rapper did apologise for his comments later and deleted his tweets.

See the reactions below:

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