Zoom Up Your Life is a trusted lottery firm with Mr. P of P-Square as head. The lottery firm has been operating smoothly until fraudsters invaded the system.

Information released by Mr. P reported that certain an unknown individuals have claimed membership of the Zoom Up Your Life lottery which he certainly has no idea of.

In an overview, these an unknown individuals who claim to be workers at Zoom Up Your Life are using the Brand name Mr. P and his official social media handles to duped people into sending them money to redeem an amount of money they won.

Subsequently, Mr. P had a clue and quickly condemned  the act. Read below some vital information and replies Mr. P released.

“Pls how can somebody tell you to pay money before receiving Giveaway? And you paid. Like I don’t understand”

“Telling a person to pay to redeem a prize is the dumbest form of scam anyone can fall for in this age and time.”

“This scammers are using my previews videos in a app called webcam or minicamp but when they call you the video call will not last like two minutes and they will cut it, Pls be careful. Cc

@zoomupyourlife http://zoomlifestyle.com

“How can you pay money  to receive what it’s said you have won??? When you win bet Naija do you pay to redeem ur wins?

Please do not fall victim to online fraudsters; @zoomupyourlife will not be held responsible for any fraudulent transactions you have with fake social media account.”

“The worst part of it is that after they get scammed they will then come on my verified page and start saying rubbish. How can somebody tell you won zoom and you never registered on the platform. How can they tell  you won 12m but you have to pay 20k b4 you receive it. You be mumu”

“Pls let me say it again and again! My Zoom lottery platform is not a Giveaway platform! It’s a Registered and licensed Platform approved by NLRC (National Lottery Regulatory Commission.

@zoomupyourlife is not doing any giveaway of pay 10k and receive 200k! You have been warned!No entry”


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