Award winning Ghanaian gospel musician MOG Music has shared inspiring pictures of himself and his colleague Joe Mettle.

MOG Music disclosed that he has been around Joe Mettle over a decade but since no one can twist the will of God, his colleague Joe Mettle got into the limelight before him, but the favour of God found him also later.

MOG Music shared some old photos with heart touching and inspiring message to celebrate his 10 years friendship with Joe Mettle.



So this is me and Joe Mettle some 10 years ago. I never thought of it that God will bring as this far and still keep us connected. Always trust the process and walk with a pure heart. Envy never pays”, MOG Music wrote.

MOG Music recently released his first single in 2021 “Yesu” with Joe Mettle and it is really doing well in the market.

Hard work pays so work hard. Your time will come. Thanks for reading.


By Africa Billboard

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