Nigerian Nollywood superstar popularly known as Mike Ezuruonye shares that being less privileged means you got to do more else things will remain as they are.

The famous Nollywood actor denoted that “If you come from less, you gotta do more .It is what it is. Back on the Grind“.

The statement above revealed that the superstar has not been regularly active on the screens for some time now as compared to the past.

This happened as a result of his own decision to go off  the screen to manage few things which are also part of his activities.

According to Mike Ezuruonye, every individual has the potential of becoming graced and ungraced anytime hence, if times come and you feel things are not what they used to be, you have to do more to balance or restore.

Mike Ezuruonye is fully back again to do movies now and we will soon be enjoying amazing stories which features the Nollywood superstar.


By Africa Billboard

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