fight for nigeria

“Fight for Nigeria”. Nigerian musician MI retweeted U.S. Mission Nigeria‘s tweet  to redirect attention to a country’s love for its citizens.

U.S. Mission Nigeria tweeted a press release captioned:

“US Rescues American Held Hostage In Nigeria”

We thank the Government of Nigeria for its partnership and support of this mission. – Said U.S. Mission Nigeria

The Nigeria musician MI who retweeted U.S. Mission Nigeria @USinNigeria


“This is why we must fight for Nigeria!! To deliver a country that fights for its citizens like this”

“This is why we must fight for Nigeria!! To deliver a country that fights for its citizens like this”

All what the musician is trying to convey here is the love U.S shows to its citizens. A flight can move a far distance across borders to save just one citizen. MI called that Nigeria should be like this. Yet another story to be discussed in Africa!

Nigeria seems to be getting better now and citizens are still going hard for their safety and peace. Online protests are still pulling much traffic across the world and international bodies seems to be intervaining.

A social media user replied U.S. Mission Nigeria that

A fan who replied to MI Abaga claims all what Nigeria is going through today is static plan. A plan arranged and implemented to reduce its huge population.

We don’t have prove to this as everyone is very opinionistic at this moment.

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A country cannot decide to kill its own people to reduce its population. Our own opinion @AfricaBillboard
Nigeria is the largest populated country on  the Africa map and 7th on the world map as at 31/10/2020 according to Internet World Stats and Worldometers. Yet, this does not guarantee Nigeria to kill its own people.

Another unscramble question from a fan. The fan replied to MI Abaga’s retweet.

A video of Military men dispatched to ensure orderliness in Nigeria is showcased below

Nigeria is a great country and hotspot of love by many crountries. This shouldn’t be happening. Nigeria STAND UP. #EndSARS

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