• Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

‘Messi And Barcelona Saga Has Taught Me A Big Lesson’ Opanka Expresses Shock


Prolific Ghanaian rapper and singer Opanka has expressed shock over the final confirmation of Messi‘s exit from the Barcelona football club.

Messi has finally confirmed his exit from the Barcelona football club after 17 years of active participation.

Messi’s speech:

“In recent days I’ve been thinking about what I can say. The truth is I can’t think of anything. This is really difficult for me after so many years, being here my entire life. I’m not ready for this,” Messi said as he fought back tears.

“This year my family and I were convinced we were going to stay here, at home, that is what we all wanted. We thought we would be staying here in Barcelona. The time we’ve had here has been amazing. Today I have to say goodbye to all of this.”

“It was like my blood ran cold. It was very sad, very difficult. Up until now we are still trying to process it all,” Messi said. “When I go home I will still feel very bad about the whole thing. I will still feel bad about it all. The important thing is that we are all okay, my family and loved ones and I get to keep playing football, which is what I love to do more than anything in the world.”

“I did everything I could to stay and it wasn’t possible. There is nothing more to say than that,” Messi added, as he said reports he asked for a 30 percent pay increase are a lie and he accepted a 50 percent wage decrease.

The confirmation of Messi‘s exit from the team happened today Sunday 8/8/2021 in a press conference at the Barcelona Nou Camp home.

Opanka has expressed that he has been sad all day over the hearing of the legendary Barcelona top scorer’s exit confirmation.

According to Opanka, he never believed this news would ever break until it finally happened. The rapper further disclosed that this news has been one of the biggest surprises to ever hit him and it has really taught him a big lesson.

This Messi and Barcelona saga has taught me Nothing lasts forever, he said emotionally.

Consequently, the Ghanaian musician is a Chelsea fan but the news of Messi’s resignation from Barcelona broke his heart like he lose a top scorer from his own team Chelsea.

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