Richest People In Africa

Topping the list of richest people in Africa is Aliko Dangote, owner of the largest conglomerate in West Africa, who has a net worth $13.5 billion.

Among the 15 richest people in Africa, there is only one lady and the richest woman in Africa is technically Isabel dos Santos, who made her fortune with various investments in Angolan companies while her father was president of the country. Dos Santos has since fled to Europe as Angolan authorities investigate her for corruption.

The 15 richest people in Africa have made their fortunes by investing in industries like diamonds, oil, and retail. In total, they have a combined total net worth of $73.3 billion, with Aliko Dangote, owner of the largest conglomerate in West Africa, topping the list with a net worth of $13.5 billion.

Some other notable highlights on the list include Patrice Motsepe, one of the richest people in South Africa with a net worth of $2.2 billion. He became the first black African to appear on the Forbes list in 2008 after he has deemed a billionaire.

There is also Isabel dos Santos, daughter of the former president of Angola, who controversially made her fortune by investing in various Angolan companies throughout her father’s presidency.

Out of the 54 countries in Africa as at 2020, only 6 countries made it on the list of the 15 richest people in Africa (5 from Egypt, 4 from South Africa, 3 from Nigeria, 1 from Morocco, 1 from Angola and 1 from Algeria). This is interesting and people will ask “what about the remaining 48 countries?”.

The truth is that we have more than half of the remaining 48 countries who are close to the list of 15 richest people in Africa. Two typical examples are Charles Ampofo with $1.46 billion net worth and Dr. Kwame Addo Kufuor with $1.2 billion networth all from Ghana, and in no time we believe they and others will make it on the list of 15 richest people in Africa.

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The list of richest people in Africa ranking starts from the 15th position to 1st position according to their net worth:

Youssef Mansour
Youssef Mansour

Net worth: $1.9 billion

Born: 1944/1945

Location: Egypt

Industry: Industrial

Source of wealth: Like his brothers Mohamed and Yasseen, Youssef owns a stake in his family’s conglomerate Mansour Group, which is the largest distributor of General Motor vehicles in Egypt. According to Forbes, Youssef works at the company and is head of its consumer division.

FILE PHOTO: Isabel dos Santos, Chairwoman of Sonangol, speaks during a Reuters Newsmaker event in London, Britain, October 18, 2017. REUTERS/Toby Melville/File Photo
Isabel dos Santos

Net worth: $1.7 billion 

Born: 20 April 1973

Location: Angola

Industry: Investment

Source of wealth: Dos Santos is the daughter of the former president of Angola. As Forbes notes, during her father’s presidency, she controversially acquired stakes in various Angolan companies, such as a telecommunications company.

As reported by the BBC, dos Santos has been accused of corruption by Angolan authorities and is currently facing a criminal investigation. She has fled to Europe in the meantime and has denied any alleged corruption.

Yasseen Mansour
Yasseen Mansour

Net worth: $2.3 billion 

Born: 1961/1962

Location: Egypt


Source of wealth: Like his brothers Youssef and Mohamed, Yasseen owns a stake in his family’s company Mansour Group, which is the largest disruptor of General Motor vehicles in Egypt. He is also the chairman of one of the largest real estate developers in Egypt, Palm Hills Developments.

Koos Bekker
Koos Bekker

Net worth: $2.5 billion

Born: 14 December 1952

Location: South Africa

Industry: Media

Source of wealth: Bekker is the chairman of Naspers, a media group that operates in over 100 countries. Naspers is one of the world’s largest technology investors, as reported by Forbes. The company also holds an investment in Tencent, a Chinese internet and media company.

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Patrice Motsepe
Patrice Motsepe, who is one of the richest men in South Africa with a net worth of $2.2 billion. 

Net worth: $2.2 billion 

Born: 28 January 1962

Location: South Africa

Industry: Mining

Source of wealth: As reported by Forbes, Motsepe became the first Black African to appear on their billionaire list after becoming a billionaire in 2008. He is the founder of African Rainbow Minerals, which holds investments in minerals such as platinum, copper, and coal. He also is the founder of the private equity firm African Rainbow Capital.

abdulsamad rabiu
Abdulsamad Rabiu

Net worth: $3.1 billion 

Born: 4 August 1960

Location: Nigeria

Industry: Manufacturing

Source of wealth: Son of Isyaku Rabiu, one of Africa’s most prominent industrialists, Rabiu is the founder of the Nigerian conglomerate BUA Group, best known for producing cement, sugar, and controlling real estate.

Mohamed Mansour
Mohamed Mansour

Net worth:$3.3 billion

Born: 1948

Location: Egypt

Industry: Industrial

Source of wealth: Mohamed Mansour is head of his family’s company, Mansour Group, which is one of the largest company’s in Egypt. The company is known for being one of the world’s largest General Motors dealers and is also one of the top distributors of Caterpillar products. It is also the operator of the largest supermarket chain, Metro Markets, in Egypt.

Aziz Akhannouch
Aziz Akhannouch

Net worth: $3.5 billion 

Born: 1961

Location: Morocco

Industry: Oil & Gas

Source of wealth: Akhannouch is the CEO of his family’s company Akwa Group, which holds an interest in various gas and oil companies, as reported by Forbes. He is currently the minister of agriculture and fisheries in Morocco.

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Naguib Sawiris
Naguib Sawiris

Net worth: $5.34 billion 

Born: 15 June 1954

Location: Egypt

Industry: Media & Telecommunications

Source of wealth: As noted by Bloomberg, Sawiris has stakes in various gold mines throughout the world. He made more than $4 billion when he sold his stake in the telecom company in Vimpelcom in 2011. He is the brother of fellow billionaire, Nassef Sawiris.

Nassef Sawiris
Nassef Sawiris

Net worth: $5.6 billion 


Location: Egypt

Industry: Industrial

Source of wealth: Son of billionaire Onsi Sawiris, Nassef is known for being the richest man in Egypt, best known for owning a 30% stake in the fertilizing producer OCI. According to Bloomberg, he also owns a 6% stake in Adidas.

Nicky Oppenheimer
Nicky Oppenheimer

Net worth: $6.53 billion 

Born: 8 June 1945

Location: South Africa

Industry: Diamonds

Source of wealth: Oppenheimer was the heir to De Beers, the world’s largest producer of diamonds. In 2012, he sold his family’s 40% stake in the company for $5.2 billion in cash.

Johann Rupert
Johann Rupert

Net worth: $6.64 billion 

Born:1 June 1950

Location: South Africa

Industry: Luxury

Source of wealth: Rupert is the heir and Chairman of Richemont, which is the largest luxury watchmaker in the world. The company is best known for owning Cartier.

Issad Rebrab
Issad Rebrab

Net worth: $7.5 billion 

Born: May 27, 1944

Location: Algeria

Industry: Industrial

Source of wealth: Rebrab is the founder of Cevital, which is the largest privately held conglomerate in Algeria. According to Forbes, Cevital owns numerous brands, in addition to one of the world’s largest sugar refineries. The company also owns a home appliance company, a steel mill company, and a water purification enterprise.

richest people in Africa
Mike Adenuga

Net worth: $7.7 billion 

Born:29 April 1953

Location: Nigeria

Industry: Oil and Telecommunications

Source of wealth: Adenuga is the chairman of Globacom, which is the second-largest telecommunications operator in Africa. He also owns a stake in the oil company Conoil.

Aliko Dangote
Aliko Dangote

Net Worth: $13.5 billion

Born: 10 April 1957

Location: Nigeria

Industry: Manufacturing and Industrial

Source of Wealth: Dangote is the founder of the Dangote Group, which West Africa’s largest conglomerate. The company also owns the largest cement producer in sub-Saharan Africa. Aside from cement, the company also produces products such as sugar, salt, flour, steel, oil, and gas.


Hard work pays. Anyone of us can become one of the Richest People In Africa only and if we realize ourselves, what we can do and do them well. Truth, Determination, Commitment and Hard Work can rank you on the list of the Richest People In Africa someday. Work Hard!

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