Popular South African music producer and singer Master KG has cleared the air on issues emerging from the conflict of interest between him and his signee Nomcebo Zikode.

Late in 2019, a big release hit the whole world and we believe you know it is no other song but Jerusalema by Master KG featuring Nomcebo Zikode.

This song was officially produced and promoted by the South African music producer Master KG. As a result, he has the official copyright ownership with Nomcebo as the featured artiste.

But the interesting part of the story is that the song was officially written and sang by his signee Nomcebo Zikode.

Nomcebo explained that one day while they were less busy at the studio, Master KG started programming a beat. It was during that session that the lyrics came up in her mind and she started singing. At that moment, I was just starting my career with Master KG, she recounted.

Master KG loved the lyrics and vocal power so we recorded the song and that became a breakthrough for both of us. At that moment, I had nothing and was fed up living in this world. I had planned to end my life so it was in my mind that if there is any place I should go apart from this part of the world then it should be “Jerusalema”, Nomcebo revealed.

“He requested that he owns the song and make me a featured artiste and since I was just starting my career with him as my boss, I could not say otherwise”, she added.

According to Master KG, the agreement he had with Nomcebo Zikode was equal percentage of any royalty that will come from the piece (Jerusalema) and that was 50% to him and 50% to Nomcebo.

“But as time went on, she needed bigger percentage than what I should I have. This was not the agreement we made”, says Master KG.

“The Agreement Of Jerusalema Is 50/50 Between Me And Nomcebo But Wants 70% and I Must Get 30%”, Master KG elaborated.

Master KG reveals that 50/50 was the signed contract agreement between the two.

However, the general public believes that Master KG has benefited more than Nomcebo should, hence they believe Nomcebo has been hugely cheated and needs to be given what she wants and deserves since she was the master brain behind the song.


By Africa Billboard

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