• Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Master KG: Me Giving Out Money Doesn’t Really Mean I Have A Lot Of Money


South African record producer Master KG has cleared the air on rumors circulating about him that as a billionaire.

The South African musician has been tagged as a billionaire after deciding to make cheerful giving part of his lifestyle.

According to Master KG, he knows in the eyes of men, givers are people who always have in abundance however, he does not believe in that philosophy.

The artiste explained that he strongly believes most of the fans following him and commenting on his posts on social media have same bank account balance as his and even more than he has but the difference is ‘just to see a smile on a person’s face, he does not mind giving out his last money out to him/her if he believes he/she needs it most’.

Lol guys me giving out money doesn’t really mean I have a lot of money. My bank balance might be on the same level as some of guys. Just that I don’t really mind sending my last 15k or whatever that I have to people just to see smile on their face“, Master KG wrote.

After Master KG made this declaration, he was acknowledged and blessed by many:

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