• Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

Masicka denotes that being Lazy is Disrespectful to those who believe in you


Jamaican dancehall artiste known as Masicka in showbiz sense, has denoted that being lazy is disrespectful to those who believe in you.

“Being lazy is disrespectful for those who believe in you”, says Masicka.

According to the award winning dancehall reggae artiste, a lot of people have felt bad as result of believing in people and later seeing disappointment.

Some people could have make it easily if they had work hard, but laziness!

There are some people that no matter how much you support them their laziness will make your effort fruitless. This is disrespectful to the helper and people who believe in you.

You need your own energy to make things work. Wake up and work hard. The world believes in you, he concluded

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