A Ghanaian young man just broke up with his girlfriend whom he has dated for three (3) solid years.

According to Elvis (the man in question), he was watching an entertainment review program on TV when a news about Shatta Wale popped up. In the news, it was made mentioned by the host that Shatta Wale is the biggest artiste in Ghana now.

Serwaa who is the alleged broken hearted girl started making noise for Shatta Wale as she is a strong SM (Shatta Movement) fan.

It was as a result of this that the man got angry, put down the TV remote and went out of the house.

When Elvis returned home in the evening, he asked his girlfriend to leave and never look for him again.

Serwaa did every possible thing to know why her dream husband made his strange decision but to no avail.

According to Serwaa, they never had any misunderstanding throughout their 3 years of relationship.

Kelvin whose intervention  helped Serwaa to know why Elvis suddenly broke up with her is indicated below;

“I am Stonebwoy fan and she knew it from the very first day that we met. Moreover she knows I hate news about Shatta Wale. I don’t know why she should jubilate such news in my presence. That noise irritates me”.

“I am a Stonebwoy and she is SM fan and you Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale are not compatible so we are also not compatible. She makes so much noise about Shatta and I simply don’t like that. Elvis ended his statement and asked Kelvin never to talk about this again”.

Serwaa can’t eat nor sleep. The matter still dey family court.


By Africa Billboard

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