Popular South African female musical artiste Makhadzi has been given a lesson of her life by praising herself as a beautiful lady.

This moment of inconveniency happened when the artiste tweeted a latest photo of herself on social media and captioned it “I am beautiful Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes “.

Many on-lookers have appreciated the artiste in many ways. She has been described as a very creative and talented female artiste and performer. Others have also described her as a beautiful lady as she has already complimented herself earlier.

However, we are in a world where we have people who will always have something to say to pull down your energy. Unluckily, Makhadzi could not escape these people and that have absolutely turned down the fun she wanted to have.

Read some of the responses she received below:

At the moment, the Open MiC signee Makhadzi has been quite and has not shown any sign of anger or embarrassment yet however, bad comments continues to hit the celerity since the post is still live.


By Africa Billboard

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