• Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

M.anifest: Respect Teachers And Pay Them Well


Popular Ghanaian hip hop rap artiste M.anisfest has put on guard that teachers are not respected and well paid.

Respect teachers. Pay them well. Don’t disappoint. They’re literally shaping the future“, said by M.anifest.

According to M.anifest, teachers are the sculptors and backbone of great future because they are responsible for shaping individual personalities who rule the societies.

However, the Ghanaian hip hop start included in his speech that teachers in our communities are not well respected and paid taking into consideration the kind of job they do.

M.anifest has therefore asked that each and everyone should give teachers the maximum respect in various our various communities because they hold the future of the nation and that of the individuals.

In a recent speech by the president of Ghana, it was mentioned that teachers can’t be rich unless they engage in entrepreneurship. This statement went viral and there has been many questions as at how the president made that harsh comment.

But the questions is, if the president knows that teachers are not financial stable, why then doesn’t he pay them well?

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