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Why You Should Never Tell Your Love Partner This

Another episode from the Ghanaian professional teacher and activist Monica reveals that telling your love partner your secrets is a dangerous step to take.

3 Things that deter Healthy Relationships with People

In our everyday lives,  we meet different people from all walks of  life who become part of our lives in our neighborhood, workplace, school church and many other places. That…

Reasons Why Women Moan During Sex

A survey proves that 87% moans are fake. Women talked. Experts claim that by emitting noises, we let our partners know that we're having a good time.

Give Them Space If They Want To Make You Look Stupid, Ghanaian Student Advises

Ghanaian student from the Greater Accra Region, known as Susan has drawn attention to how people take other people for granted for many reasons which some of the reasons are just beyond…

5 Things You Should Stop Now If You Practice Them

A Ghanaian teacher has cautioned today's youth especially ladies to refrain some practices which are highly destructive to a better future.

6 Signs That Shows She Does Not Love You

So many people have been destroyed by love because they failed to move on. If the one you love does not love you its a hell on earth.

4 Core Reasons Why Men And Women Become Unfaithful In Relationships

According to wikipedia, 'love encompasses a range of strong and positive emotional and mental states, from the most sublime virtue or good habit, the deepest interpersonal affection, to the simplest…

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