South Africa female musical artiste popularly referred to as Lady Zamar has offered some words of enlightenment to her fans and the general public.

According to the artiste, she believes as long as we remain human beings, words of positivity will always remain as food to the soul.

It is as a result result this that the musician created some words of life changing to share.

Below are some of the positive words she Lady Zamar shared:

“Listen to your inner voice, the one that tells you your own secrets and makes you restless when you’re not living your truth!”

“Acceptance is healing, health, love, freedom, joy and peace in life, allowing yourself the experience of living!”

“Instead of trying to get everyone to like you, become the person that you like more!”

“You should do what makes you happy all the time. Today is for those who understand that tomorrow is not promised!”

“Your energy and attention is precious; not everyone deserves it, remember that!”

“Have boundaries, don’t allow anyone to disrespect you. Block, restrict, mute at your own discretion. Protect your inner peace, protect your mental health!”

“You deserve the very best. You have the audacity to demand it and make it known!”

“You know what makes you happy…so don’t deny yourself joy, peace and fulfilment”.


By Africa Billboard

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