An encounter a with a Ghanaian lady revealed that relationship nowadays is no more for love. When we are to examine relationship nowadays, we can see that people take it for granted, she denoted.

According to our interviewee, she explained that because of the above examination, people go into relationships nowadays not for love but for other factors. “You either go into relationship as a money making business or you expect broken heart at the time your mind and heart have gone deep into it”, she lamented.

Most people who go into relationship as business, do that as a result of what men have done to them. Others also go into relationship because they are stranded in life and need support to push their dreams or goals.

Men who wanted to help ladies, wanted to sleep with them! The sad story!

Additionally, relationship to most ladies nowadays is not love anymore but excitement and thrill in life. For some ladies, they go into relationships to fill their void of loneliness or fulfill their material needs. There is really no scope to love!

People do not find true love nowadays because they do not love who loves them and this is the whole mess!

Change in culture has also affected relationships nowadays and this is another episode to talk about.

But for now all we known is that most ladies go into relationship to make money, for support, thrills and material things and not for love. “It is no money, no love”. The ladies’ anthem! The society has drastically change!

Though going into a relationship to extort money is a bad practice, it is also a way to prevent men from misbehaving (only legends will understand).

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Men who plan to come and “eat and runaway”, will give up soon when they encounter an easy task! So when we meet such men, we teach them lesson and make sure we make them lose completely before they runaway!

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