Lynx Entertainment

Lynx Entertainment
FounderRichie Mensah
GenreHiplife, hip-hop, rap, R&B
Country of originGhana

Lynx Entertainment is a Ghanaian record label founded in 2006 by the producer and singer-songwriter Richie Mensah.[1]

The label successfully launched the solo careers of the Ghanaian musicians Richie, ASEM, Irene Logan, OJ Blaq, Eazzy, Zigi, Jayla, MzVee, KiDi, Kuami Eugene and DopeNation. Lynx Entertainment has also produced hit singles for several Ghanaian artistes including Tinny, Okyeame Kwame, VIP, Praye, Bradez, Irene and Jane, Obour, Becca, Reggie Rockstone, Efya, Trigmatic, Sonni Balli, EL, Jael Wiafe, Edem and Iwan.[citation needed]

In 2010, the label's artistes Richie, ASEM, OJ Blaq, Eazzy and Zigi collaborated on "Africa's Moment", which appeared on Hello Afrika, Sony Music's release in conjunction with the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.[2] The song was also used in the Vodafone advert which staged the first ever flashmob in West Africa.[3]

Lynx Entertainment released Back 2 Zero in July 2011.[4] The album has all of the artistes on the record label as well as renowned Ghanaian musicians such as Gyedu Blay-Ambolley, Tinny, V.I.P (group), Okyeame Kwame, Efya, Trigmatic, Sonniballi, EL, Jael Wiafe, Edem and Iwan. The album includes a remake of the Ghanaian folk song "Yen Ara Asase Ni" which was originally composed by Ephraim Amu. The remake has 11 of Ghana's top musicians and was adopted as a peace song before the 2012 general elections in Ghana.[5]

The record label introduced a new girl band D3 to the Ghanaian music scene in summer 2012.[6] The band, made up of three members aged 16, 19 and 20, released hit singles such as "Good Girls Gone Bad" and "Gyani Gyani". They split up at the end of 2013 because of educational commitments.[7]

MzVee, the lead singer of the group, went on to launch a solo career under the management of Lynx Entertainment and quickly became a household name in Ghana. She won the Unsung Artiste Award at the 2014 Ghana Music Awards[8] in May 2014[9] and released her first solo album, Reveelation, in November 2014.[10] This was followed in November 2015 by her second album, Verified, and her third studio album, DaaVee, in May 2017.[11]

Lynx Entertainment continues to nurture some of the biggest talents in afrobeats music like KiDi and Kuami Eugene and is regarded as one of the leading record labels in Africa.[12]


Act Year
Albums released
under Lynx Entertainment
OJ Blaq
Irene Logan
Kuami Eugene


Year Information
2008 Richie - All of Me

Released: August 2008

Singles: "Frema", "When I Get You", "Dirty Dance"

2008 ASEM - Better Late Than Never

Released: August 2008

Singles: "Give Me Blow", "Pigaro", "Sulliya"

2009 Irene Logan

Released: February 2009

Single: "Runaway"

2009 OJ Blaq - Biggie Boy Lover

Released: October 2009

Singles: "Biggie Boy Lover", "Chale Wote", "Target"

2010 Richie - UKNR

Released: May 2010

Singles: "Ma Nim Ton", "Yaaro", "Intoxicated", "Asa Fofro"

2010 ASEM - No More Kpayor

Released: March 2010

Singles: "2010 Fylla", "No More Kpayor"

2010 Eazzy - Twinkle

Released: August 2010

Singles: "Bo Wonsem Ma Me", "Wengeze", "One Gal"

2011 Lynx Entertainment - Back 2 Zero

Released: July 2011

Singles: "African Moment", "Tonor 4 Me", "Go Hard All Day", "Let's Get It Started", "Yen Ara Asase Ni"

2011 Zigi - Prince of Pop

Released: October 2011

Singles: "U Sey Wey Tin", "Amanda", "Let's Get It Started"

2012 D3

Singles: "Good Girls Gone Bad", "Gyani Gyani"

2014 MzVee - Reveelation

Released: November 2014

Singles: "Borkor Borkor", "Natural Girl", "Carpenter", "Revolution", "Dancehall Queen", "My Time", "Reveelation"

2015 MzVee - Verified

Released: November 2015

Singles: "Abofra", "Hold Me Now", "Mensuro Obia", "End Poverty"

2017 MzVee - DaaVee

Released: May 2017

Singles: "Rewind", "Daavi", "We Run Dem", "Sing My Name"

2018 Kuami Eugene - Rockstar

Released: December 2018

Singles: "Angela", "Confusion", "Wish Me Well", "Walaahi"

2019 KiDi - Sugar

Released: May 2019

Singles: "Adiepena", "Thunder", "Mr Badman", "Sugar Daddy"

2020 KiDi - Blue EP

Released: May 2020

Singles: "Say Cheese", "One Man"

2020 Kuami Eugene - Son Of Africa

Released: October 2020

Singles: "Open Gate", "Wa Ye Wie", "Show Body", "Amen"

2021 KiDi - Golden Boy

Released: June 2021

Singles: "Spiritual", "Touch It"


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