• Wed. Dec 8th, 2021

Kasoa residents left in shock as Man appears with Goat to Swap for iPhone


Wow! Its almighty Kasoa again. Mobile hone seller and the whole Kasoa residents left in shock as curious guy appears at a mobile phone selling joint to swap goat for iPhone 5s.

The curious young man who name is disclosed as George has been searching to use an iPhone all his life but the price of iPhone could not just allow his dream to come to past.

George who has struggled enough to get the required amount to buy the iPhone surprisingly went to the phone seller’s shop at Kasoa and told him to take his old phone and his goat so he could be given the iPhone 5s.

Apparently, the phone seller bumped into an uncontrollable laughter which attracted crown to the scene.

People have narrated that they have never witnessed such a comic event their whole life; “Wow! Goat for mobile phone swap”, they said in shock and uncontrollable laughter.

Consequently, a police officer who was on a visibility duty came around to find out what has caused the crowd and all he could be told was that the young man came with his goat to swap for his dream iPhone.

The police officer also bumped into an uncontrollable laughter and the whole scene became very interesting and noisy as people could not stop laughing.

The residents were left in shock as they have never witnessed something like this in the city.

This is a correct butter-trade.

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