• Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

John Dumelo: Ghana Will Soon Import Crates Of Chicken Eggs For Consumption


Popular Ghanaian actor cum politician John Dumelo has doubled up his political ambition power to cause change in Ghana.

John Dumelo who is a large scale farmer is mad at the current state of agriculture in Ghana.

According to him, he believes soon and very soon Ghana will start importing crates of chicken eggs for consumption.

He explained that the price of maize that is used as chicken feed has tripled and as a result, the poultry industry is going down slowly.

The large scale farmer emphatically stated that imported chicken costs lesser than the local breed.

“If care is not taken, Ghana will soon start importing crates of chicken eggs for consumption. The price of maize (used for Chicken feed) has tripled and it’s killing our poultry industry slowly. It’s even now cheaper to buy imported chicken than local ones”, John Dumelo denoted.

This is one major problem the politician cum farmer seeks the current government to curb in order to improve the standard of living because he believes poultry is one major source of protein in our daily diet.

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