Ghanaian actor, farmer and politician John Dumelo has pardon Ghana to reconsider the years of turner of the presidential sit.

According to the actor cum politician, no president can make a country better in just four (4) years.

“4 years is not enough for any president or government to function effectively. The first year is used to settle down in the office and the last year for campaign, leaving only 2 years for effective work. We should consider 5 years per term”, John Dumelo stated.

He added that: “Ghana and Nigeria are the only two countries in Africa who’s presidents only spend 4 years in office. The rest spend 5 or 7 years. Question: Is there a correlation between number of years spent in office and development, considering Ghana, Nigeria verses the rest of Africa?”.

John Dumelo asked the rhetorical question: “Do you think if we strengthen our institutions, 4 years is enough for a President/government to fully function?”.

After a short moment, the general public responded in many ways that went to reveal that they also supported the idea of the politicians.

The general public has therefore also asked that the four (4) years per term of the presidential sit should be extended.


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