• Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Joe Mettle: Be Careful With These Two ‘Jealousy And Greed’


Ghanaian award wining gospel artiste Joe Mettle denotes that jealousy and greed are the most dangerous weapons.

According to Joe Mettle, jealousy and greed are very strong negative intrinsic motivation that stage in human’s life seasonally. However, our inability to overpower these feelings and quest destroy many good things.

In a word sharing session, the Ghanaian gospel musician disclosed that jealousy and greed can make you hate the helpful people you should be learning from.

Joe Mettle continued to say that greed being the counterpart of jealousy can also destroy the very source of your feed so each and everyone should be careful of them.

“Be careful of these two
Jealousy will make you hate the one you should be learning from and greed will make you destroy the very source you feed from”

Subsequently, in a previous news on africabillboard.com, MOG Music who is a longer-term close friend to Joe Mettle also made similar statement when he shared a 10-year old picture they took together.

According to MOG Music, he lamented that jealousy would have stunted his favour if he had obeyed that feeling because, his own friend Joe Mettle became very popular before him despite they were all doing the same genre of music. “Instead of jealousy, I decided to learn. This is the attitude of a God fearing creature”, he added.

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