Jealousy is one of the most dangerous things on earth as it can ruin beautiful things in just a twinkle of an eye, when it pops up.

Jealousy is a human trait in which one becomes envious of materials and personal possessions or qualities of another  to the extent that they wish they rather had those things.

It is based on this that a Netizen has said that, jealousy is the last step to become or enter into the realm of full-time evil and witchcraft.

Another research also says that,when one begins to become overly jealous in an evil way, that’s a sure sign that they are heading to the edge and if no step is taken, such a person might be too late to save.

Once upon a time in Africa, there lived a girl called Chiamaka. She died seven years ago because she was killed when she was only 16. The reason behind her death was told by her brother on television which touched everyone’s heart.

Chiamaka chose to sit on a simple and uncomfortable old bus stop bench. The bench has faded in colour and when one sits on it, its hard that once you have sat down on it for even a minute, it leaves its mark on you and leaving your back stiff.

The environment is also very untidy with its yellow and brown grass, cracks on walls, rusted metals and the smell of rotten meat which made Chiamaka close her nose with his hand.

She was so happy sitting on that bench.

The bus never stopped there because it was always vacant. She was soo enthused about the way the environment is but all changed one day when she saw a beautiful girl who has almost all qualities of a lady. She had nice eyes and nice hair, so beautiful that the dead could see her beauty. Too bad Chiamaka hated her just because she was filled with wonderful life. Chiamaka even wished she was her.

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One day, Chiamaka grabbed her after some series of drama by making her scared, held her neck tightly and killed her. The poor girl’s body lied there while Chiamaka was so happy.

Indeed, Jealousy Is The Last Class To Attend Before Becoming A Witch.

The ambulance came for her body and noticed prints of Chiamaka’s hand on her neck. She was then handed over to the police as a suspect.

After series of investigations and trial, Chiamaka was found guilty and was then killed by law court through death sentence.

Jealousy Is The Last Class To Attend Before Becoming A Witch

How To Control Or Get Rid Of Envy And Jealousy

They say women are more prone to envy and jealousy but I believe they are natural human emotions that everyone battles with. However, it is extremely negative and should be nipped in the bud.

Envy and jealousy can sow seeds of hatred between friends and among family members. It keeps you counting someone else’s blessings rather than yours. How can you be rid of their shackles?

1. Understand that we all have different races

Jealousy and envy come into play when we believe we have a basis for comparison. For example, if it is your friend or a colleague, you believe you two are ‘mates’. However, understand that though you two share commonalities, your life journeys are completely different so there really is no basis for comparison.

2. Celebrate your achievements

Whenever you feel overwhelmed by envy or jealousy, remember that you have got certain things going for you too. Focus on those accomplishments and celebrate them. The funny way life works are that as you are jealous of someone, there is another person out there who is also jealous of you.

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3. Refocus

They say that the idle mind is the devil’s workshop. You are probably so bothered by another person’s success because your mind is idle. Refocus and throw yourself into something productive. If you feel like you are lagging behind your contemporaries then become more driven.

4. Remember the cycle of life

Right now, you are wishing someone’s success was yours but hello! You don’t know how hard the person toiled to get there. What you see now may be the result of years of sleeplessness so, at one point, the person experienced lows and now he/she is experiencing a high.

5. Build your self-esteem

You are troubled by jealousy and envy because you think you are not good enough. However, if you worked on your self-confidence then you’ll convince yourself that you can achieve anything.

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