Popular Ugandan singer, songwriter, and guitarist Irene Ntale has blessed faithful men by asking God to protect them from wicked women.

According to the artiste, bigger portion of good men suffer in the hands of wicked women most of the time and to her, it is very unfair. Some good men are taken for granted by certain unfaithful women for no wrong.

“I pray God protect such good men from wicked women and give them women of their caliber”.

However, audience of Irene Ntale explained that, whiles a portion of women naturally have such wickedness as attitudinal, certain women who are wicked towards men have once or on several instances been treated unfairly by men. Hence this has instilled such traits of wickedness and unfaithfulness in them.

“But the question is, should someone suffer for the sins or mistakes of others?”

Another unknown social media user emphatically stated that, love is just a journey and to make it a worthy journey, money must come along.

This explained that most women are not intentionally wicked but their desire for money make them go on to the paths of good men to extract money which in the end, affect the men with broken hearts and other disasters.

“Another question is; Should what makes you comfortable ( desire for money) make someone uncomfortable?”

Others reacted:

Well, everyone seems to be talking for himself/herself and it goes on and on. Are both men and women equally wicked to the opposite sex or it is just women?

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